Bill McClure, President

Christian Silva, Vice President

Bob Miller, Director of Sales

Kim Taylor, Secretary

U.S. Bamboo Coalition is a member organization, owned by Farmers, Land Owners, and Farm Managers, organized to produce income from planting and harvesting commercial grade Bamboo. Although there are over 1500 species of Bamboo, there are only two species with commercial properties. USBC only focuses on those two types of Bamboo, which are certified Agricultural crops. Similar to Silviculture, it is a one-time planted crop, however, Bamboo is harvested each year after the 5th year of growth, with a life span of 100 years. The revenue produced is between 7 to 10 thousand ($7k-$10k) per year, per acre, with the USBC farming model. The USBC negotiates contracts with vendors and suppliers to maximize aggregate buying and selling power, and, to date, has over $15,000,000 dollars in 10-year buyback contracts. This means you have a buyer for your bamboo product for 10 years before your plants are in the ground! The USBC will help you plant, manage, and harvest your crop to maximize your profits. Diversify your crop, use portions of your wetlands or conservation areas, or simply use the existing land you have. We continue to gain assets through our Agricultural Real Estate Investment Trust which gives you, the owner, better leverage with suppliers/vendors and purchasers. ​

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